Madani Royal Oud Luxurious Long Lasting Attar Roll On 10 ml

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Madani Royal Oud is the spray version of the immensely popular and hugely successful 'Dhan Al Oudh Concentrated Perfume'. It carries on the legacy of a truly sensual and highly exotic perfume that creates a resplendent aura of delight and desire. The fragrance is a very fine blend of pure and expensive ouch from Cambodia inflected with precious musk, precious woods and amber. captures the ultimate splendor and magnificence of oriental perfumery, in a royal and majestic way. The mystique and the magic of this juice is mesmerizing and elevating. The juice comes in a precious crystal bottle with exclusive cuts reflective of craftsmanship, delightful in its splendor and appeal to sophisticated tastes.100 % Gauranted for 24 hours lond lasting and spreading.